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Manie Libbok – Humansdorp’s Homegrown Hero!

May 8, 2024

Raised by his grandmother in Humansdorp, Manie Libbok was instilled with values of discipline and determination from an early age. It was his uncle who first recognized his passion for rugby, gifting him a green t-shirt that symbolised his future ambitions. That gift sparked Manie's dream to play for the Springboks, propelling him to make sacrifices and strive for excellence in every aspect of his life.
We are thrilled to announce that Manie, known for his humility and sincerity, has joined us as the brand ambassador for First Choice High Protein Recovery (HPR). During a visit to his hometown, Manie discovered HPR and was immediately impressed by the quality of this local product.

At Woodlands Dairy, we deeply admire Manie not only for his athletic prowess but also for his personal virtues and his connection to our community. It was an easy decision to invite him to represent HPR, especially since he had already experienced and appreciated the product firsthand.
Let’s delve into Manie’s thoughts about joining us: 
What inspired you to become a brand ambassador for First Choice High Protein Recovery (HPR)? 
“As a professional rugby player, I'm deeply committed to optimising performance and recovery. When I discovered First Choice HPR, I was drawn to its high-quality ingredients and proven benefits. Representing a product that aligns so closely with my values and goals was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”
How does HPR benefit rugby players and the broader sports community? 
“HPR is crucial for muscle recovery after intense physical exertion. It’s particularly vital for rugby players, given the extreme physical demands of the sport, helping to enhance recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve overall performance. It also benefits athletes across various sports by providing essential nutrients needed for quick and efficient recovery.”
Can you share any specific instances where HPR has been beneficial in your training regimen? 
“There have been countless times when HPR has been instrumental in my recovery process, whether after tough training sessions or demanding games. It’s my go-to resource for replenishing protein and ensuring optimal recovery, allowing me to prepare effectively for the next challenge.”
 What message do you hope to convey about the importance of proper recovery? 
“My message is simple but vital: proper recovery is key to peak performance and long-term athletic success. HPR supports recovery by providing the necessary nutrients to repair and rebuild muscles. Incorporating HPR into their routine can help athletes maintain their best form, minimise injury risks, and stay competitive.”
We are excited to welcome Manie to the Woodlands Dairy family! With HPR, we trust that you will ‘Recover Like a Pro’ and achieve new heights in your athletic career!