Sustainable Partnerships

Shaping Tomorrow Together

Woodlands Dairy stands at the forefront of sustainability, and we are proud to collaborate with key Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs) in our commitment to responsible packaging practices. Our strategic partnerships with Polyco, PETCO, and Fibre Circle reflect our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact.

Elevating sustainability through esteemed packaging suppliers

Woodlands Dairy prioritises sustainability through strategic partnerships with leading packaging suppliers like TetraPak, Nampak, Mpact, and Polyoak, who offer innovative packaging solutions and minimise environmental impact, benefitting both operations and consumers.

Tetra Pak: Excellence in Sustainable Packaging

Woodlands Dairy is pleased to offer dairy products that uphold environmental responsibility, in addition to meeting the highest quality requirements. Our partnership with Tetra Pak, a world leader in sustainable liquid board solutions enables us to go beyond conventional packaging to satisfy company and consumer sustainability needs and ambitions.

  • All of our UHT pack solutions are supplied by Tetra Pak, which considerably reduces our environmental impact.
  • The plant-based components that we've included in our UHT packs demonstrate our dedication to sustainability.
  • Our packs are more than 80% plant-based due to the use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paperboard and sugar cane-derived plastics that have received certification from Bonsucro. This guarantees that Woodlands Dairy products are sourced ethically and meet the strictest environmental certification requirements.
  • Our UHT packaging is 100% recyclable, emphasizing our commitment to establishing a closed-loop system in which waste is gathered, repurposed, and given new life.
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New ECO+ Tethered Cap By Nampak:

Nampak: Advancing Sustainable Carton Solutions

Woodlands Dairy's ongoing partnership with Nampak, a stalwart in the industry, extends beyond conventional packaging solutions and aligns with our sustainability values.

  • The packaging board crafted by Nampak isn't just about functionality; it’s made sustainably.
  • Partly plant-based and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, this innovative packaging solution reflects our shared commitment to reducing environmental impact.
  • Nampak's focus on eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes perfectly complements Woodlands Dairy's mission.
  • The collaboration with Nampak stands as a testament to our shared vision for a greener and more responsible future.

Mpact: Sustainable Paper and Plastic Solutions

Woodlands Dairy collaborates with Mpact, a leading supplier, in the pursuit of sustainable paper and plastic solutions. Mpact's focus on responsible sourcing and recycling resonates with our commitment to minimizing waste. Through this partnership, we contribute to a circular economy, benefitting both our business and the broader community.

Polyoak: Innovators in 
Eco-conscious Packaging

Polyoak, known for its innovative packaging solutions, is a key ally in Woodlands Dairy's sustainability journey. Their dedication to eco-conscious packaging aligns with our mission, ensuring that our products reach consumers in packaging that is both functional and environmentally responsible.

These partnerships exemplify our dedication to sustainable practices, ensuring that from production to packaging, Woodlands Dairy remains at the forefront of environmentally conscious and consumer-friendly dairy solutions.

What is a producer responsibility organisation (PRO)?

A Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) is a crucial entity in the journey towards sustainability. PROs, such as Polyco, PETCO, and Fibre Circle, play a vital role in ensuring that companies take responsibility for the entire life cycle of their packaging materials. Their major function is to facilitate the responsible management, collection, and recycling of packaging materials, steering industries toward circular economies and reducing environmental harm.

Polyco: Growing collection and recycling of plastic packaging

As a leading PRO, Polyco plays a crucial role in the responsible collection, management and recycling of packaging materials, aligning seamlessly with our mission for a greener future.

PETCO: Advancing PET and Paperboard Recycling

Woodlands Dairy is actively involved with PETCO, a PRO dedicated to advancing the recycling of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastics and now liquid paperboard as well. Together, we work towards creating a closed-loop system, ensuring that the liquid paperboard packaging is collected, recycled, and reintegrated into new products, such as furniture, roof sheeting, wall panels for ablution facilities and much more.

Fibre Circle: Closing the Loop on Paper and Cardboard

Our partnership with Fibre Circle underscores our commitment to sustainable practices in paper and cardboard packaging. Fibre Circle, as a PRO, facilitates the responsible recycling of these materials, contributing to the circular economy and reducing our environmental footprint.

These collaborations represent more than partnerships; they are a testament to our dedication to shaping a more sustainable tomorrow. Through collective efforts with Polyco, PETCO, and Fibre Circle, Woodlands Dairy is proud to be at the forefront of responsible and eco-conscious dairy packaging.