Woodlands Dairy has committed to the development of its employees and has increased its annual human capital development spend significantly by investing in high quality development initiatives to upskill employees. Furthermore, Woodlands Dairy has increased its annual CSI spend in the local area, focussing on Feeding and infrastructure.

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No Poverty

We employed 1742 people who in turn stimulate the local economy.

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Zero Hunger

Six feeding schemes were supported in the local area, focusing on the youth and the elderly.

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Good Health & Well-Being

All employees are entitled to medical aid and employee wellness benefits.
In 2022 we supported 20 corporate social investment projects in the Kouga region which focus on education and health. Woodlands Dairy was accredited in 2019 for ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety.

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Quality Education

We are committed to the development of our human capital by creating a pool of talent that has the relevant skills and drives people empowerment.

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Gender Equality

As a company, we subscribe to the principle of gender equality and provide equal remuneration to male and female employees who perform the same tasks. We also endorse equal opportunities for development and promotion.

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Reduced Inequality

Woodlands Dairy recognises the need to address imbalances created by inequality. We have taken steps to ensure that our minimum wages are in excess of legislated minimums and have extended retirement funding and medical aid benefits to all permanent employees.