As a core value at Woodlands Dairy to have integrity in all their dealings, governance is practiced at the highest level by the company. Woodlands Dairy is the largest employer in the area and apart from direct job creation, their employees provide for indirect job creation. The raw milk supplied to the production plant in Humansdorp is sourced from local farmers which in turn also has an impact on direct and indirect jobs. Woodlands Dairy takes pride in its FSSC 22000 Food Safety System that assures customers of their reliability when it comes to food quality. Very importantly they also adhere to a code of conduct that demands ethical business practices

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Apart from direct job creation, both the company and our employees provide for indirect job creation in the Kouga region by supporting the local economy. The company participates in enterprise development projects to stimulate economic empowerment of local small businesses. By purchasing our milk from regional milk producers we provide a platform for local dairy farms to expand their operations.

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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The company takes pride in its food safety systems, such as FSSC 22000, which provides our customers with the assurance that our final product does not place the consumer at risk. Over the next 5 years we plan to enhance our manufacturing capabilities and drive automation of existing processes that will lead to a more efficient working environment and increase the competitiveness of the company. We are revising existing product ranges eliminating products that are not adding value and have implemented research and development initiatives to diversify our product range.

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Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

As a responsible South African company, we recognise and support the constitution of South Africa and its underlying principles. We adhere to a code of conduct that demands ethical business practices.

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Partnerships that Support the Goals

We work closely with our milk producers, suppliers of manufacturing equipment and raw materials, employees, and customers in order to understand the changing environment in which we co-exist and to evolve in a manner that supports the principles of sustainable development.