Woodlands Dairy is passionate about lessening their environmental impact and is continuously looking for ways to improve it. Their sustainability journey began in 2012 and since then they have commissioned 2 Biomass Boilers; a Resource Recovery Plant; started a Sustainability Programme with their farmers; formed partnerships with reliable, recognised recycling partners; increased the plant-based percentage of their packaging and more.

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Clean Water and Sanitation

Our resource recovery plant decreases our impact on local water resources by reducing our intake of municipal water, thereby ensuring greater water security for other residents of the town.

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Affordable and Clean Energy

Over the last 7 years we have implemented and driven large and small scale initiatives that have significantly reduced our consumption of steam, electricity and diesel.

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Sustainable Cities and Communities

As part of our drive to educate both employees and the community the Clean Up Your Hood For Good initiative was launched in 2019 to create an ongoing awareness of pollution and recycling in the local community.

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Responsible Consumption and Production

All our milk cartons are produced from paper sourced from FSC certified forests. We have initiated projects to increase the plant based plastic content of our liquid products packaging to more than 80%. Consequently we have reduced our dependence on fossil fuel based plastics, producing a product that has less impact on the environment.

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Climate Action

We acknowledge our responsibility to ensure that the company progressively reduces its potential impact on climate change. This is supported by initiatives such as our drive to reduce our carbon footprint and water consumption.
As our business operations evolve, we will place emphasis on technological capabilities that are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Life Below Water

Our responsibility lies in the minimisation of our impact on natural water habitats and the protection thereof. We recycle our water, thereby reducing our effluent and waste water discharge via our resource recovery plant.

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Life on Land

Our milk producers are a crucial link in our supply chain and their ability to farm in an ever increasing sustainable manner impacts on Woodlands Dairy’s long term future. We have initiated a Woodlands Dairy milk standard that evaluates the practices of our farmers, including environmental practices, animal welfare and staff well-being.