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In an effort to stamp out fraud, corruption and unethical practices, Woodlands Dairy has secured the services of an independent information getting company, to whom employees, its contractors, suppliers, customers, and the public can report illicit activity, without fear of victimisation.

We would like to remind you that the caller has a right to remain anonymous. We NEVER divulge their identity, even if it is known to us, due to a trust relationship developing between our operators and caller.

Reports can be submitted by fax, email, or online from our website . However, the most favoured mechanism is our call centre, manned by multilingual operators, trained to gather information and reports.

Please join us in our endeavours to prevent dishonest business practices and promote strong business relations towards a successful future.

Toll Free Number: 0800 444 422


Fax: 086 52 22 816 | SMS: 33490

Postal: PO Box 51006, Musgrave, 4062