The Difference between ESL (Fresh Milk) and UHT (Long Life Milk)


The Difference between ESL (Fresh Milk) and UHT (Long-Life Milk)

UHT (Ultra High Temperature) Milk ESL (Extended Shelf Life) Milk
Heat Process Sterilisation: 138°C – 143°C for 4 seconds Ultra-Pasteurisation: 75°C for 15 seconds
Taste Slightly caramelised or burnt (or cooked)

taste due to the ultra-high temperature

Fresh milk taste
Appearance Faint browning may occur White
Storage Can be transported and stored in ambient

temperature, refrigerate only after


Cold chain must not be broken.

Must stay refrigerated (during

transportation, before & after opening) at


Shelf Life 6 – 9 months (or longer) 35 days