Woodlands Dairy Milk Standard is:

Measuring wellbeing of farm workers.

  • All farm employees are employed according to The Basic Conditions of employment, such as;
    • Registered for SDL / UIF / WC / PAYE
    • Working hours / Over time etc.
    • Leave – annual / sick / maternity etc.
    • Remuneration according to sectorial determination.
    • Disciplinary procedures and records thereof.
  • Health and Safety of farm employees are taken care of.
  • Proper built housing facilities are provided to all farm employees, with basic facilities such as clean drinking water, electricity and ablution facilities

Measuring welfare of animals on the farms.

To ensure Good Dairy Farming Practices are implemented on all the dairy farms, the guidance from the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) of the United Nations ; 2011, is used to measure the welfare of all dairy animals against the five freedoms, namely;

  • Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom from fear
  • Freedom to engage in relatively normal patterns of animal behavior.

Thus all animals are well fed and sufficient drinking water provided. Calves are properly housed and monitored continuously. They are well fed, protected from adverse weather conditions, inoculated against diseases and have normal animal behaviour.

The buildings and handling facilities are safe for animals, where they are handled and milked, with non-slip flooring surfaces and enough ventilation. All animals are monitored daily and any illnesses are identified early and treated accordingly.

Health management programs are in place to prevent illnesses and to detect any lameness or illness early. No mistreatment of animals are allowed such as whipping or prodding. During milking periods animals are fed to provide a relaxed atmosphere.

Competent animal husbandry skills are ensured through proper training and experienced handlers are allowed to handle the dairy cows.

All dairy cows are kept on pastures for more than 70% of their time, to feed and move normally about, to allow for normal animal behaviour.

Measuring compliance to legal, regulative and industry requirements.

All of our dairy farms’  facilities are visited on a regular basis to evaluated them against pre-defined criteria, prescribed by legislation and  regulations applicable on these facilities.

The Dairy Standard Agency of South Africa’s “Code of Practice” is used as the backbone to evaluate the facilities against.

As already mentioned all producer farms are surveyed and graded according to their compliance.