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Why our milk is all good
We at First Choice would like to show how UHT milk is good for your health, your planet and provides the convenience of always having milk in the house and a delicious product to drink. These are the benefits of buying First Choice long life milk. In fact with First Choice long life milk it’s all good.

Health: UHT Long Life milk is good for your health, G-Free ® milk is commercially sterile meaning it is free from pathogens and micro-organisms that can develop during storage.

Taste: With First Choice UHT Long Life Milk it’s all good, especially the supremely creamy delicious taste.

Environment: Your milk is packed in a renewable, recyclable, and good for the environment Tetra Pak carton.

Convenience: For your convenience it stays good for longer. So you can store as many cartons as you want in your cupboard.