Employment of Disabled People: Rainbow School Project

The employment of disabled people continues to be a focus area for the company. We remain committed to our partnership with The Rainbow School in Humansdorp. The school caters for mentally disabled children who find it extremely difficult and often hopeless to find employment once they leave the school.

Since 2011 we have created employment opportunities for these young people in a sheltered environment that allows them to achieve a sense of self-worth and pride as they provide financial support to their families and make a meaningful contribution to society.

This type of project requires a special type of relationship and it would not have endured if the school was not closely involved. Rosa Nel, the principle of the school, plays a crucial role in identifying suitable candidates and providing support to them as they transition from being learners to employees with responsibilities. As part of their commitment to the project, the school provides transport to both their pupils who are integrating into the project and some of their former pupils ensuring that they arrive at work on time each day.

Currently we utilise participants of this project in the Lab and the Warehouse at Woodlands Dairy where they are able to add value in a safe environment.

The number of people employed on this project grew from six in 2013 to eight in 2014.

The project is a source of great pride for our employees and the company. As opportunities present themselves, we will continue to increase the number of people that we employ through this project as it plays an important role in providing people with opportunities that would not have otherwise been available to them.